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Thread: grade of moter oil

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    have a 460 and i am thinking of what type and grade of oil to use in my crank case.i have very little history about my boat, it seems to run out very nice.dont want to wreck anything that may be a little worn.

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    turbo wog
    i run 20/50 valvaline race oil it has more anti friction additives per the valv. corp. i called myself . i was wondering about synthetic or race & they told me definately race oil. on a boat you will want to make sure the motor oil is warmed up before you put a load on it .my boat has race tolerences but i do run it in my leaky 460 4x4. if you have a low h.p motor it might be built with tight tollerences,thats why you need to warm it up firstif you dont have a performance style boat you might want to use something thinner though .if you need any more info the phone # is on the bottle of oil 1-800-team val

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