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Thread: Twin 302 pony help from a ford man or chick?

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    Help me out here PLEEEEASE.
    twin 9.5-1 302's, new alum heads, new hyd cams, roller rockers,timing gears,msd ign boxs, MSD dist's, Performer alum intakes, Speed Demmon 650 etc, thru hull exhaust, Kodiak headers etc.$$ uhhg. (wife wants to know where is the end to my motor madness?)
    I'm running 34deg total timing, plugs look clean what do you think about 36-38? But I do come in quick about 2500rpm. Boat is a restored 25ft 1973 wellcraft Nova (heavy but fast hull). She freaking jumps on plane sometime cavitating my Merc Laser 21p props. But only if I nail her.
    Both engines seem to have allot of crank case gas coming out of the valve cover vents which I just run a hose to the breathers, smells a tad bit gas rich .
    Should I run a PCV valve and a hose to the carb base on the speed demon? The valve covers are short and a tight fit due to the roller rockers. I even get an oil film on my valve covers due to this. Any ideas my boating Bro's?
    Last question, noted on Norris lake TN last week my secondaries seem to open a little late but when they do, Rock on. Thoughts?

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    You could probably get away with some more timing, check out this article from ford muscle, about 3/4 down the page under the heading of "Curving for Performance" 3rd paragraph.
    You might try PCV valves for starters on you vapor problem. Also see if your valves covers are baffled)
    I had a worse problem on the original build of my 408w stroker (originally build for my mustang with auto clearances) It would spit oil out the valve covers between 4000-5000 RPMs. I added a puke tank on it when I first put it in the jet and later put a vacuum pump on it (which freed up 400rpms), unfortunatly it filled up the puke tank with oil even faster. However with the new build all the problems should be corrected.

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    Thanks, good info. I may try 38-40 and see how she does. Says I should be allot higher than my 34 deg.

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    38-40 seems like a lot of lead for those engines, especially with aftermarkert heads, and supposedly a better chamber design.
    PCV valve will work at idle, but when vac. drops, thry're not really doing anything. It sounds like you have excessive blow by, and that's just a function of poor ring seal. All the "bandaids" aren't going to solve that problem. Putting a new top end, with all that performance (and added cyl pressure) can really stress a used bottom end. The fuel smell in the oil sounds like you're running rich, and maybe washing down the cyl's a bit.
    The secondaries can be set to open sooner with a spring kit (assuming they're vac. secondaries) but I wouldn't worry about that untill I solved the blow by.

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