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Thread: ? to those who have triple axle trailers

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    boat boy
    Thinking of buying a new trailer. No question about whom I’m going to use, but double or triple axle. Boats a 27’ Victory currently seating on a piece of s@#t Z#@$&n trailer. Question about number of axles is because I have to back down about a 100 yards in order to put boat away. During this process I have to make 2 - 90 degree left hand turns. Turns don’t require hard 90’s but never the less still have to make them.
    My understanding is with the triple axle one works against another and could make this difficult. No experience with triples just wondering what others have experienced trying to make similar turns with triples and is it that much more difficult.

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    had a 27' and 30' Victory on triple axles and no problems with backing, turning etc.

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    Not all of us can be ballers like you though TnB...
    I've got a 2 axle Myco for my 35 Fountain.. seems to work well for me.

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    I have a triple and make a 90 to back straight into my garage at the river no problems. Did it with a tandem too. I did not notice any difficulty.
    By the way Zieman bought our Extreme Trailers.

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    Triple axle trailers "scrub" a lot in tight turns. I'd look at a nice tandem.

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    I've had a couple triples, never had any issues.

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    Triples are nice, you won't have any issues moving around. They do seem to were tires faster though. The rear axle tends to slide in tight turns and seems to wear out the tires faster. My rear tires had to be replaced every season until I stopped turning around in my cu-de-sac. Now I just back around the corner and I'm not having those wear issues anymore.

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    Triple axle trailers "scrub" a lot in tight turns. I'd look at a nice tandem.
    Maybe, but I have never noticed it being any more difficult to maneuver my triple over my dual axle. I can turn my triple around 180 degrees in a 30' wide driveway using a Trailblazer.

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    River Lynchmob
    I've driven and backed up 21's and 27's on both duals and triples. Triples look better and tow much better. A dual is a lot easier in my opinion to make tight corners with while backing up. Me personally, I would deal with the little extra headache of a triple for the looks. My 21has a brand dual under it but that's how I bought it so no choice there but if I was building it would be a triple all the way.

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    Baja Big Dog
    Triple axle trailers "scrub" a lot in tight turns. I'd look at a nice tandem.
    Ditto the tandem...the scrubbing will vary on the weight on the trailer, but the the tandem will park easier.

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