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Thread: Chain of Lakes Closed

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    Whisky Dick
    heard on the radio this afternoon that the entire chain in N Illinois is closed and so is Blarney's Island (no drag races Thurs). Apparently the lower bar has a foot of standing water. Most probably know it has been no wake for a while they hope to open back up sometime next week, assuming no more rain.

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    Its a mess up here. My basement, which is completely finished flooded last night. One top of that, I would for a municipality in which the Des Plaines River runs thru. Its slowly creeping up, so not only do I have to deal with my own flood, I'll be dealing with one at work. Good times.

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    Northern Illinois
    We are seeing, the highest water levels in a long time, surpassing even the worst spring thaws. The water is still rising as the Fox Lake locks are wide open.

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    Totally sucks. The good thing is I was going to have to miss this weeks races cause I am going out of town. Since its closed, its gonna keep me in the points race. I am only down by 50 for 1st place.

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    J bonz
    It just wont stop raining, P-Money, sorry to hear

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    Lost our fight with the water, water in the basement, river is to crest on sunday! garages, and house are sandbagged two feet deep now. We are just barely able to keep the water level inside to a minimum, six pumps, and two generators runing all night, got home at 6am today for a bit of shut eye, now we are heading back for more forecasted rain. It's increadible the peeps that came out to help at 1am, bet we had 50 peeps helping thru the sandbagging, to try and save the inlaws home.

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    Sleekcrafter, P-Money, sorry for your losses. It's devastating when all is done. In 1997, I had six & half feet of water down here. The mighty Fox, is just about to enter the property where I work. Hopefully, you have insurance for flood. Unfortunately, I wasn't that smart back then. It was a $130k lesson for me. Be careful, I had a neighbor that had a industrial pump in his basement, pumped all the water out, before surrounding waters receided , the walls cracked in under the water pressure. Our prayers are with you both.

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    Lakes are finally open. The river is still closed though.
    And the races are back on!!!

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    Bad weather shut thursdays race down at the last minute before the guys went out to the Island

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