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Thread: Best investment..strip club in La Habra!!!

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    Baja Big Dog
    So this guy buys a building for 375K 5 years ago....and opens up a strip club..
    Move ahead to today, the city of Guada La Habra just paid the guy 5.1 million to leave....not bad investment.
    Wonder where a city like La Habra gets that kind of money?

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    Here is the article. You should just go buy a bunch of run down buildings in all the cities and see what you can get for them. (

    Great Article. I can't believe they let that strippers nip slip in that picture.:sqeyes:

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    That chick will never let me down, thats for sure.........

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    That chick will never let me down, thats for sure.........

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    Big Kahunaa

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    Baja Big Dog
    Thanks Matt...I thought all strippers shaved???

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    He didn't buy it for $375K and has spent probably $1.5M in legal fees - he's a lunatic who is trying to trump up his settlement to make the city look bad.
    He once spent $40K in legal fees to defend a Disorderly conduct CITATION and lost at a jury trial.

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    I hate you all... me again

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    Got me too.
    But hey, I like that song http://www.***

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    It's a great piece of property in a high traffic area. Perfect for the city to start redevelopment on that corner. They should have no problem selling it. X neighbor used to spend 50% of his paycheck there every Friday. His GF was always pissed about it. Go figure.

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