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Thread: 1993 merc 2.5 efi's good, bad, ugly

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    I am looking at a pair of 1993 2.5 efi motors one with zero hrs on powerehead and on with like 70hrs. They both have updated efi units. Both in good shape and at a very reasonable price. I just wanted some feedback on them before i purchased them. He also has a new in crate powerehead for 2k if i want that also. Is that a good price for a new in crate power head? Both motors are clean and guaranteed to run. Feedback please.

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    New in crate powerhead? What does that mean? I have a hard time believing it is a brand new from Mercury, 280hp factory powerhead. For $2K, that is unheard of. It should run at least $6,500.
    I don't know what the issues were with the early 2.5L Merc's, but I know there were some bugs in them. You may want to try to post the same message over at
    There are more O/B guru's over there. Good Luck

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    1995 and older 2.5 motors had a small upper bearing and did not support the heavy flywheel.Running at 7k or more the bearing would go bad and cause other problems.

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    if i can get the pair with the extra bran new power head for 9k would it be worth taking the chance. i have a pair of 94's on my stoker and have never had any problems. i do prop them to peak out at 7200 rpms and run them hard. i have no experiance with the 93's though.

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    In 2000 I bought a pair of 1997 225 Promaxs with 40 hours on them for $5,500 a peice.
    So you are at 9k with an extra power head and 70 more horse power.Sounds pretty good,but if it's just to have a couple of extra motors lying around I would think you could find something else to buy for 9k.If he will take 9 I would think he would take 7500 cash.

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    9k is already the lowered negotiated price. They are not just to sit around. I am building a turbine powered Chris cat, i have the turbine and the boat, but it will take me a year or so to fabricate and purchase all of the extra pieces i need to make it happen. The Chris cat is fully rigged for 4 2.5's down to the wiring and hydraulic steering. I can basically drop on 2 or 4 motors and be ready to run. This way i can use the boat as opposed to it just sitting around. I figure at that price i should be able to get most if not all of my money back out of them if i ever decide to sell them. The motors also come with the fuel pumps. I know those are not cheap either.

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    Yea i would think it would be a good investment

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