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Thread: Rebuild time on 2.5 Merc

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    What is an average time, hour wise, too rebuild a 2.5 merc?

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    well that is like asking how high is up.depends on how many hours on the motor,what rpm's,what kind of oil ya use,what kind of boat,etc.i know guys that blow em up every 2 weeks,and i know guys that have over 300 hours on them and have never taken them apart.alot has to do with how you take care of it but i think john tiger said anything over 200 hours and your doing good.

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    The flat rate is 18 hrs. But there are other costs involved, you may need a cly. bore, water pump replace, carb overhaul ect. No way to est. without a tear down.

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    this is ver true it all depends on how you take care of your outboard and what went wrong with it a rebuild can take any where from 3 to 24 hours labor time depends on service quality and what the problem, parts availability and machine shop time , etc these are all very important factors

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