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Thread: 1995 2.5 merc running to rich

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    It doesn't clear out on the top end and the plugs look very wet(fouled). Running 32:1 anyone have any suggestions? Could it be timing? What other adjustments are there?

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    what kind of oil, and gas are you using?

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    Is it carbs aor efi? Are all 6 wet? When did it start doing it.Has the boat been sitting for awhile?

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    Its EFI and I believe it the mercury 2stroke perfomance oil, He said it hasn't been run for a month or so, just bought it. All 6 were wet. Ran fine until it got up to 5500rpm and was slugish above that. Seams to run fine low and mid just not all that on top.

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    Theres a couple of things it could be.Theres a box on the side of the motor that alot of wires are connected too.It looks like a terminal strip.Make sure all the contacts are clean,very clean.Those are wires for the coils and ignition.It could be broken reeds,most likely not though but check them anyways.Reeds usually make it hard to start as well.It might be something as simple as bad gas.The timing might have moved or the fuel regulator is going bad.which should be a 39 lb regulator.Are you sure it is gas wet and not water wet.If you can determine it will help.Sometimes the exhaust divider plate breaks and water gets washed into the cylinders throught the exhaust ports.More rpm's means more water pressure pushing in the cracks.Where are you located?And where is the boat?Its hard to diagnose something over the board

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    Motor seems to run strong on bottom and mid just slugish when going WOT. Wet is gas/oil. Call me 858-688-2220 Im in San Diego.

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    Ill call ya tomorrow night.

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    Do not rule out fuel pressure. Check battery voltage as well, low battery can cause a lose at higher RPMs.

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    Thanks, going to the river after work, let ya know what happen.

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    Have you tried a new set of plugs?
    Sometimes when there fouled they will not clean up, and will misfire at higher rpm's.

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