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Thread: Shipping a boat back east?

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    Has anyone done this and who or how was it done? Any info would be greatfull. Thanks.

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    I went and got mine myself.....was a nice drive!.....

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    I went and got mine myself.....was a nice drive!.....
    How was that driving through hurricane Katrina! You freakin clown!

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    How was that driving through hurricane Katrina! You freakin clown!
    I fear no fukkin Hurricane...piece of cake

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    Check with Eliminator. I shipped a 19' Daytona to the east coast on their truck. They shrinked wrapped it and loaded and unloaded it. It just needs to be offloaded at one of their dealers that is getting a delivery. Didn't cost all that much as I recall. Good luck.

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    Call Jeff Murray 909-816-1101. Just tell him you got the name here from Andy. He has three drivers and fully insured.

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    Keith E. Sayre
    If you're looking to save a buck, call Don Miles at 512-917-2288. He's about
    60 years old and he hauls alot of Robbie Gordon's toys all over the country for
    him, has hauled several boats for me and my customers and has always done
    a great job for us. Nice old guy and a little trivia........ when he was a young kid, he played for the Los Angeles Dodgers! I have one of his playing cards!
    Keith Sayre

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    Maybe John from Ultra could chime in on this one. I think he has a connection

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    Jeff Murray, above, is really, really good...

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    fat rat
    Eliminator arranged to have my boat shipped and the cost was around $1500..

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