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Thread: Extremely sweet 26 deck boat!!!!!!!!

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    With out showing favorites at all this new 26 shadow that was born today is hands down one of the most amazing stay tuned for more pics to come. I will take more when it hits the sun.

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    Absolutly the nicest I have seen to date!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wow and I thought the drawing I saw last week was sick looking.
    The drawing looked sink, but seeing the photos takes it to the next level.
    This is going to be one nice looking ride.

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    Not So Fast
    Sweet!!!!!!!!! Nsf

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    roln 20s
    WOW -- my favorite by far also Beautiful work Ultra.
    A design is only as good as the gel execution - Ultra continues to be at the top of the top
    Roln 20s

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    ULTRA26 # 1
    I've always loved this design. Looks good on a 26. espeecially with the silver. I'm hoping that one of these days that JW starts using some mixtures of traslucent tinted clears followed by silver.

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    Very nice boat. The gel came out sick.

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    I like that

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    Damn that is a sweet gel job, it would even look sweeter with it capped:idea:

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    Awesome, is this a customer boat or a stock?

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