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Thread: daddys little girl and friends

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    Heres two boats Daddys little girl, and ... I dont think he has named it... will call it the tunnel ram boat . LOL

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    were do you guys boat at might be up ther in 3 weeks in mesa gonna prob haul the boat and do some boating sept. 3-5 just seeing if any bodys down to hangout

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    dont let 78cole near your spot. look what he did to his area allready.
    wherever that is, it looks real nice. almost puts gasoline alley to shame. allthough there isnt a huge friggin jumping cliff right next to ya. damn that kid was nuts.

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    GM Killer
    Nice rides, and love the avitar

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    Where are the rest of the pics??????? Those just tease us....

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    Hey Mike maybe something like this....... Wait until the next pic

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    WTF boatgonewild? where you been??? Sundays have been real nice. Shooting for this Sunday.
    Mike, How far are you along on the new jet?

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    Ok here we go again, getting geared up for Sunday... Saguaro.. and we got cliffs

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    I think there should be just a few more shots... the chick of the day

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