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Thread: South 405 Freeway To Be Closed For Restriping

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    RitcheyRch morning Public Service Announcement
    This going to be a traffic nightmare for those early morning commuters.
    All lanes of the southbound San Diego (405) Freeway will be closed for two days next week, according to Caltrans.
    The closures will occur between midnight and 4 a.m. On Wednesday, the freeway will be closed between Getty Center Drive and Wilshire Boulevard. On Thursday, the closure will be between Santa Monica Boulevard and the Santa Monica (10) Freeway, said Judy Gish nf Caltrans.
    The closures are to re-stripe lanes as part of the $50 million project to extend the carpool lane on the southbound freeway between Sunset Boulevard and the Santa Monica Freeway.
    Ultimately, there will be a continuous carpool lane on the southbound freeway between the San Fernando Valley and Orange County.
    Detours will be posted.

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    The local idiots are building carpool lanes from McKinney into Dallas on US 75.....about 12 miles. I've been checking out the huge traffic delays that have been going on for almost a year now. There are a couple hundred thousand cars using this highway during rush hour.
    So I'm thinking that the pollution caused by all of those cars driving 10 MPH day after day because of the construction slowdown is never going to be offset by the carpool lanes. No way. Plus, now the other lanes are narrower and the other traffic will be slower, there will be more accidents, and more traffic tie-ups. Uh, that makes MORE pollution.
    Carpool lanes are a bunch of shit......if they used the extra lane made possible by paintbrush engineering it would increase the available highway capacity by 1/3......the carpool lane MIGHT increase traffic flow by 10%.
    So our tax dollars are taken for something we can't use, a stupid idea thought up by the bureaucrats. At least in SoCal you can buy lane access on the 91......can't do that here.

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