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Thread: Red Bull Air Race Budapest Hungary 07

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    spectras only
    One of the best venues happening at my birthplace once a year . Check out the video highlights , especially when they fly under the old Chain Bridge .
    The San Diego race is coming up soon !

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    Those guys are nuts, (or actually, they must have huge nuts). Didn't find the TV schedule for them on the website. I'll check FSN's site. We're going to try and make the S.D. races. Watched it on TV the other day, and it was very cool with the digital mix that showed both planes' lines at the same time. Amazing tech. Good stuff.

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    spectras only
    I used to go to the outskirt of Budapest [ Budaors ] to see the aerobatic championships during the 60's [ I remember Duane Cole winning once ] , but the air race right in the heart of the city is nuts . Going 400 mph pulling 9 G's s and doing passes under an old bridge that doesn't have much clearence :idea: .There are apartment buildings lining the shore all along . Attorneys and lawyers in north america would have a field day in an event of a crash :sqeyes: .

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