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Thread: ignition question

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    ok, my boat has a push button start.....and a knob that goes up and down next to it. I'm guessing that the up and down knob is like a starter protection deal like a kill switch.....I know this seems pretty basic, but where exactly do these wires hook up at?

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    old flat
    Ben: give me a call and I'll shed some light on that set-up. I didn't wire that but it's really standard stuff

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    let me know when you have some time to talk steve I have to go to work her at 4 and right now in indiana its 3.....I get out at 9. If you can't talk tonight then just let me know when its best for you....I've been meaning to call you, but have just been really busy.
    Thanks Steve,

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    i would think it would be wired in series (bat -safety switch-start button-starter ) just so you cant bump the starter without flipping the safety first

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    It could be a dead spark switch for firing a well advanced ignition without firing back on the starter. Once the motor is turning, give it fire.....Just a maybe........Ray

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    old flat
    Ben: just call whenever you want, I'm usually around the cell.

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    "The Bandit"
    give me a call and i'l walk you throu threw it. it will depend on your ign. battery or mag. ?? ANDY 530 633 9055

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