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Thread: Twins are fast but could this be true??

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    I was checking out the "site in progress" for extreme boats magazine yesterday and i ran across this.... at=
    170mph+??? I've ridden in a couple 120+ Mach 22's and those things were built up (SS Drags, etc.) Just wondering might this concievably be correct?

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    Must be a miss print. I seriously doubt that thing would bust 120 mph. Drag motors put out a little over 300 hp, 300x put out @340-350 but weigh an extra 100 lbs per motor.

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    I dont think there is any way possible, you prolly would have heard about it if it was true!

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    I figured as much about the mistake. Just thought it was funny. hey kab you have the twin 22 purple and yellow, with the killer system right?

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    Not a chance in hell..........not possible. My guess is that boat will run 110 - 115 and that is about it. The 23' MTR is pretty big for a 23' boat.
    KAB.........I heard........(rumor has it) that the drag motors put out more like 325 PSHP with the 300X's in the same range. Just different RPM bands, etc.

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    I was born in Florida and he has my name, But that isn't me eek! .

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    I agree with above, one-teens.
    The fastest O/B powered boat EVER was a single O/B JohnRude that ran 176. something on nitrous and alcohol back in the early eighties.
    The fastest O/B offshore cat ever was a 28 foot Skater out of Sweden that ran 3 2.5's at 136 in the kilo.

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    Yes , I have the purple and yellow twin with the nice stereo. HavasuDreamin' I heard the same thing. I just know that Mercury stamps all their drag motors with the same 300 hp rating.

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    I just know that Mercury stamps all their drag motors with the same 300 hp rating.Yeah....I don't care what they stamp them, actually if they would put 250 on them, it might help with the insurance thing. wink But those motors are nasty.........nice boat btw!

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    Thanks. I know when Mercury was building the 260's they actually were alot closer to 280 hp. Some were closer to 280 than others but lou @ LakeLand Marine said they all were above the 260 mark. I agree I wish they would stamp 250 hp maybe my insurance would go down.

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