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Thread: Looking for a Painter

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    I've been calling around to some local paint shops to see about getting my boat painted and you would think I'm asking them to donate a kindney or something. Anyone in the So Cal area have any leads as to who to call, or if someone here would be interested in doing the job. I can pay cash or trade machining work, custom made parts and stuff like that. Thanks Billet.

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    Worth the drive to Kelowna......Tom Brown Speed and Marine.....

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    I'd take it to a place in Phoenix..........
    called Kachina.

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    Any contact info?

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    Billy B does nice work, But he $hure is proud of it, If I had the cash to do mine he would be my guy.

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    Billy B does nice work, But he $hure is proud of it, If I had the cash to do mine he would be my guy.
    for what you get he's the best deal in town.
    take a look

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    Toddnjuzz here on the boards. TRG Custom Fiberglass.

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    Jerry your boat is unbelievable every time I see I think about how much work is involved to get where it is now. Billy is truly
    the king. congratulations on your new ride .

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