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Thread: 2001 Weekend Warrier ToyBox

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    A friend is selling his 2001 1/2 30ft Weekend Warrior toybox Wide Body Model with front sleeper.
    Sleeps 6-8: 2 Queen beds( 1 up front and 1 rear pull down scisson over cargo area w/ladder and privacy curtain) PLUS 2 dinette/bed/tables.
    Triple axle trailer w/hitch and sway bar. 2 71/2 gal LP tanks. Spare tire. 4 flush mount tie downs.
    Ducted heat and A/C, stove, oven, coffee maker, double sink, refer/freezer.
    Sat receiver, TV, Stereo, DVD/VCR
    10,500 OBO
    Call Mike at 310-306-5121.....

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    HOLY CRAP THATS a smoking deal. Any pictures??? I know its not much now, but if he still has it for sale in a lil bit I'll have me some cashola for that. Any clue how much it weighs?

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    Brian, I will try to scan some of the pics on his flyer and post or email them. I am not sure of the weight, but I can find out.
    Yes, this is the deal of a lifetime. Mike keeps all of his things maintained and in proper working order. He takes care of some of the biggest yachts in Marina Del Rey so he knows quality....

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    Waist Deep
    Let me know if he wants to rent it in Nov for a week if it does not sell.

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    Let me see how I can figure out some finances. Do you think that my Nissan Titan would be able to pull that 30 footer?? Maybe in first gear?? heh. My titan is supposedly load rated at 9500 lbs. I don't know if they are shootin smoke up my rear but who knows?

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    can we get some outside pics and more inside? bathroom pics? where in upland cross streets?

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    Here are two pics from the outside, and this beauty is stored in Kernville....

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    I know these 30 footers have some decent room in them, but do you know how many feet of cargo space that bad boy has inside?

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    Sorry Double post

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