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Thread: Rhino owners...Read this bullettin 8?23/07

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    Looks like your going to get some freebes from Yamaha. Opening doors even...

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    Wow!!!!! Now watch how hard its gonna be to get ahold of a set.

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    Baja Big Dog
    They need to stop the bleeding, and in a hurry. Bet there gonna say the liability from leg injuries ends with the owner's receiving the recall letter...
    Lets see if they send them registered???

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    Just called the local dealer, Carefree Yamaha. They have 10 coming in this week. I am already number 9. Called just in time.
    I almost bought legminders last night - Whew.

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    Called my dealer, I am #1 on the list. he has 20 sets coming, should be in the first of the week.

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    For all registered owners... They're kinda cool. Our shop has done about five sets on 2 customer rigs and a few in stock units.

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    If anyone on the boards has had this done, or has a link to someone that has, please post pictures.

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