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Thread: Where to plumb in a water pressure gauge?

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    R1P S4W
    I have been doing a lot of reading on block pressure. I am convinced I need to plumb in a gauge just to give me peace of mind. BBC and Berkeley pump. I know I can just put it in the main from the pump, but It wont be easily seen there. Does it matter where I plumb it in? can you guys post some pics of your BBC's with one plumbed in?

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    For block pressure, tap into one of the pipe plugs near the front of the intake manifold near the thermostat housing. Not the best pic but this is on my old boat. You can see the guage to the right of the thermo housing. On my new boat I ran a braided line from the manifold to the dash and have a guage in the dash.

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    mine is just like Squirts, except I have a -4 raided line running to an auto meter gauge in the dash. Works good. There are several places that would work fine though.

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    I put one on the intake too.
    Where did you get that thermostat plate, or did you make it? I like how the gauge is right there and you don't have to run any lines. Is that availible for a BBF?

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