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Thread: Anyone 4 Mead Labor Day?

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    Schiada Time
    Heading out to Mead for labor day and was wondering if any HB locals are going to be on the lake. I have a red and white 22 Schiada V-drive. Racey?

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    It's very possible, most likely if i go out it will be in the SR-22. Unless it's really really shitty we will more than likely boat up at least to Monkey Face/Middlepoint/Long Beach. We always stop at wishing well on the way up and the way back, maybe pop into sandy or swallow as well. You're more than welcome to come by and see the shop when you're here.

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    Schiada Time
    Racey-The cell is 714-276-5268. I'll try to carve out some time to get by the shop but i need to know where your'e at.

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    684 Wells rd, were in the back half of the shop, it's up off industrial inside the Boat House II complex.

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