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    pocketchange 22
    New pics of 86

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    Looks Good! On a side note at my local lake there is the same Pachanga as yours. In the same condition and a very good looking boat. He never comes out and runs with us so I have no idea of how well it runs. The 502 looks great and I bet really woke the Pachanga up over your 383. How is it running?

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    pocketchange 22
    Ryan, what's up hows things going.
    It woke it up bigtime!! i still have the same Bravo 1 24p on it, for now.
    Adding the 502, and twin Optimas, I lost about 6mph on top end; but back to where it sat on the water (slightly lower). I have been reserved on my holeshots and it still jumps on plane. I really like how it handles at top end, hull with added weight sticks to h2o very well. Ended up with 65/67 so far @5000.(was 71/73). Going to run it up the Connecticut river later in the year, and let it run motor peaks @5400 I should get mph back..Will probably end up w/ a 26 next year keep the speed without the higher rpm's. OR I may just leave it, Prop workes well for my areas. Any way hope all is well and as always thanks for reading:devil:

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