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Thread: Suzuki 140

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    Need to buy or trade lower units for these motors. I have for a 20" need 25".

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    Wild, what does that meen? I meen transom lenghts. Am I saying it right? The boat I`m puttting them on is a cat but the boat they are on now is a Chaparel with short transom. A 1971 as a matter of fact.

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    Seems a pretty reasonable request, email me with the particulars, serial number if you can find em, answers compatability questions.
    Most people are going the other way, are you sure you need longer units?
    How is the boat set up now?
    Any pictures of the boat transom?

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    20" transom motors going on 25" transom
    already stepped off 4 inches from transom on new boat

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