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Thread: new project- Bonneville car

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    Thought you guys might like to see some pics of a new project I'm working on. I've been invited to come on board as a fabricator to help get this car ready for next year. It's owned and being built by Seth Hammond, in Goleta, CA (Santa Barbara) completely in house, except for the body. The engine is a 540ci BB Chev. N/A for now, but eventually with twin turbos. The engine builder is Lee Gustofson.
    The body will be composite, and is completely computer designed by Seth's son, Channing (as is much of the car). It will be built using the same techniques (and by the same company) as used in aircraft composite fuselages.
    The chassis is a rear engine, dragster style ladder construction. You can see a computer image of the body on the wall behind the car, and a model of the body on top of the engine. Note the 30' long, 2" thick steel layout table.
    Rear of the car consists of a live axle located by fully adjustable four link w/ panhard bar on coilovers. Trans is an air shifted Liberty 5 spd.
    If there's enough interest, I'll keep pics coming as the project progresses.

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    Scott, I'll be at Bonneville 9-11 thru 9-15 to assist with a 2.0 liter streamliner. The salt is a whole other world, sort of humbling in the grand scheem of things. A huge expanse of nothing, nothing at all, and the Utah flats are spit in the bucket compared to the salt flats down under...Good luck with the project, but most important, have fun..........Ray

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    Seth has a Mod. Roadster that he had out there last week, but had a nuclear meltdown in the engine. (Computer told the DFI to go didn't like that at all!) They're suppose to be back ourt there again, though. I think they hold the D Mod. Roadster record at 271.
    I haven't been on the salt since '86. It's like being on another planet!
    Good luck and be safe.

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    Awesome project, way more involved than a boat.
    I used to race sand drags and built a few frames and TIG welded them up.
    Tubing is a real challenge to bend and fit up right.

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    Very cool project keep us updated and the pic's are always great. What type off speeds are they shooting for?

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    Very cool project keep us updated and the pic's are always great. What type off speeds are they shooting for?
    probably 350+.

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    That is very cool, best of luck and have a blast with it!..

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    That car looks like it will be badass.
    I haven't been to Bonnevile but would like to go, maybe next year (spectate). I have spent some time at
    El Mirage with Billy's streamliner. El Mirage is only a 1-1/3 mile track which doesn't have the get-up-and-go room
    of Bonneville (Bonneville's track can be three times the length of El Mirage); this year we've managed
    227 mph (Unblown Fuel) on the short El Mirage course. The car's overall powertrain/setup calculates out
    to a 350 mph capability, but certainly not at El Mirage!
    It's such a different game than drag racing; Drag racing uses big gooey slicks while the streamliner's tires need
    to be skinny....but this makes getting traction much more difficult; lighten the car in drag racing...while we
    add ballast to the car for traction; asphalt offers traction, while salt/clay doen't have anything to offer in regards
    to traction, etc.
    I would love for Billy to take the car to Bonneville, but several hurdles (in addition to most everyone elses
    typical) prevent us from just picking up and going.
    Good luck,

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    Big Kahunaa
    kick ass save the salt
    we will be at El Mirage in sept we are going to camp up there

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    billet racing 1
    I just went there a few weeks ago for the first time. Best way to discribe my experience, " Same addiction, different drug"
    Yeah, I'd go back again.

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