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Thread: Ultra before Ultra

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    Anyone have any info on the history of Ultra Boats?
    I recently picked up an '87. The side of the boat says "Ultra Boats" but the HIN tells another story. I will post pics and more info later, just wanted to see if anyone had any history on Ultra.

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    Here are some pics:

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    I can tell you that the owner, John West, is one of the nicest guys you can talk to and stands behind all of his products.

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    Good to know Kat, thanks!
    It seems to be a well built boat.
    Any idea where i might find some history?
    [ July 29, 2003, 03:31 PM: Message edited by: FingerTight ]

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    John West is often on this forum. I haven't seen him post on this outboard section, but I think if you sent out a question on the ***boats or sandbar sections he might see it and answer.
    P.S. Great looking rig .

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    Thanks Eliminated!
    I will toss a link to this thread over in the sandbar.

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    You might want to go ahead and plant that bird of paradise you have there beneath the window. Your sprinklers probably aren't getting enough water into it's pot. Just lookin aout for ya man

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    Any info is good info, thanks Ultra.
    Roz, I wish that was my house! boxed
    I will let the previous owner of the boat know though.....
    Either way, good lookin out!

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