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Thread: What is this cart worth?

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    I need one of those wanna trade for a 2005 crf450R

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    I looked at this today. It is a rebuilt Club Car DS with a new Kawi 440/16hp water cooled v-twin. Street legal, digi dash, turn signals, no stereo, new body, nice cart.
    It has plenty of power, it ran over 30 and that was fast enough for me because the steering felt grabby at that speed.
    The hang up for me is the year...its a 1984.
    What should I pay? I like the cart.

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    A cart is a cart.
    It looks clean. I would say 3500 or so. Use the year as a bargaining tool. 3K seems fair.

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    A cart is a cart.
    It looks clean. I would say 3500 or so. Use the year as a bargaining tool. 3K seems fair.
    That is what I was willing to pay but the guy wants $4,800 for it. I said no way.

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    For reference: My father in law just bought a 2006 gas EZ Go with a lift kit, wheel/tires. Looks brand new for $5900.

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    It's worth what you'll pay for it. At least it doesn't have any gay bombadier or yamaha logos on it

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    Sleeper CP
    Did you check the Kelly Bule Book?
    Sleeper CP

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    You're worried that the fiberglass body is a 1984? Because that's about the only thing on that cart that's still original.
    No, the body is new. The frame and the rear-end is the only thing original. I'm worried about re-sale. I don't keep my stuff too long. And if we get a lot of use out of it we will sell it and get a Ranger/Rhino.

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    there will be some cheap cats in the next few months.... because people need money and nobody has cash to buy toys as much as they did a few years ago...... the resale on un neccasary crap will drop a lot in the months ahead....

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