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Thread: Illinois River flooding

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    I was on my way down to our houseboat, in Wilmington, Saturday morning. Was going to see what shape the boat was in. As I came into Morris on rt 47, I see the school on the north end of town had sand bags up, about four feet high. Further thru town, by the Jewel, their was about a foot and a half of water crossing rt 47. When I was on the bridge over the Illinois River, Holy Cow! The launch in Morris had water all the way in the parking lot. I was thinking about what I would find, when I got to the houseboat. As I drove into the marina, I couldn't believe the water was only up about 10-12 inches. My neighbor here told me that Mobile oil has a facility not far from here and the Dresden Nuclear plant is only 2 miles away also. Bottom line was, at all costs, no flooding in this pool of water, the reacter is to hard to re-light. Still have to watch out for whole trees floating by.

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    Thats great for you, however the people in Marsailles, Ottawa, Utica, Lasalle and Peru are ****ed!!!
    P.S. that's where I grew up

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    That's a fact. I spent the mid sixty's thru mid seventy's around at Spring Brook in Seneca, I can guess what it look's like there.

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