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Thread: Gots me a new buddy!!!!

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    Introducing Bailey my new puppy.
    Perfect dog for the single dude!!
    No Frenchie Jokes please lol!!

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    H20 Toie
    That is either one big remote or one small rat,
    J/K he looks awful cute,

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    NORD, he is so cute.....

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    I don't have any kids, but I would probably have to say this is pretty damn close to having one!!
    He likes to wake me up like 3 times a night to go potty!!
    It totally sucks

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    Fast Freddy
    that face is irresistable

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    Just Tool'n
    Your new buddy sole purpose in life is too make you happy!
    Treat him with respect, love him like no other.
    What a cute dog, my kids have been begging for a dog lately.
    Makes me want to go out & get one for them.

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    Did it come wrapped in a bun?

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    Nice PJ's.... :rollside:

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    Take that dog to the will get Boy Band a$$

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    Ahhh...what a cute new friend!

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