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Thread: 300 GT Johnson.. Whatever happened to the V-8's??

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    It seems the more I try and find out anything about these motors the less anybody wants to talk about them. All I really want to know is if anybody knows where I can find some for sale or to rebuild. Any info at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    There all blown up by now! Buy two 300Xs and call it good. After all once you go black you you will never go back!!!

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    look on ebay, they are on there all the time.

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    Somebody told me that they weren't that bad of a motor if you ran the right RPM's... is there any truth to that or were they really that bad of a unit??

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    actually they were good motors even to be run hard but the problem was the lower units, so much torque they liked to break drive shafts.

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    They are big motors and don't usually like to turn big RPM. 6k tops. Very reliable if you ran them under 6k.

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    Is there any marina's or salvage shops that anyone knows of that might carry the 300's??

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    What are you looking for? My dad has 1 complete one.
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    Kim Hanson
    I run a big " RUDE ", its only a 275~~325hp......( . )( . )....Mine was just rebuilt too, so maybe there is something to the blowin up part of [img]http://www.***[/img]

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    I have heard the V-8's run the same gearcases the OMC V-6's run. I know several guys with OMC V-6's that have blown up their gearcases. I couldn't imagine how many cases one would go through with a V-8.
    On another note, has anyone ever heard of someone mating a Merc gearcase up to a V-8? If I ever won the lottery, pig_flyi I would try to mate a highly modified V-8 up to a bravo style IMCO extreme gearcase. eek! That would be one bad a** combo on a 21' tunnel.
    [ March 28, 2003, 11:12 AM: Message edited by: HavasuDreamin' ]

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