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Thread: oil deals

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    cavey lavey
    any hot deals on merc racing synthetic or klots oils in the cali area? need some cases. does anyone recomend klots for my 2.5 260hp. or the the old trusty mercury synthetic racing its time to refill my bottles.

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    I run Klotz KL-333 Synthetic in my 2.4 Birdgeport. I don't think you can go wrong with either Merc Synthetic or Klotz. You can contact Klotz out of Ft. Wayne, IN. I bought a case (4-Gallons) and with shipping, handling, tax, it came to about $140. Good Luck! http://free.***

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    forget about them and find yourself some amsoil you will be much happier

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    cavey lavey
    hey hd do you mix your klots the same way as merc r oil? also do you have phone # of that co. with the klots.

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    Cavey Lavey I own a merc dealership in Nor
    Cal and can sell you a 5 gal case for 149.99
    Call Drew if interested 925-828-5775

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    i would run amsoil if i were caveylavey

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    cavey lavey
    ok whats the advantage of using amsoil? thanks bm ill give drew a call. my 2.5 260 stock with the g force exaust, i have a pair of land and sea heads im contiplating putting on i can still run pump gas and they have the water jackets in them for better cooling on those 120 deg. river days. any sugestions?

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    i just like using amsoil i am a firm believer i run it in all my trucks and 4 wheelers as well this is very good oil

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    32:1 ratio same as Merc Lube. You see an awful lot of KLOTZ stickers on race boats. A majority of guys I know swear by it. I would go with the 5 Gal for $149.99, that is a good deal. If not, Klotz number is (800)242-0489. You can also access them on the web at ( Good Luck! http://free.***
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