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    Wondering who might have the best idea of Coves when houseboating on Lake Mead. We board in about a week from Echo Bay; Any ideas. Also, is it best to do a Costco run locally or is there a good place to shop close to Echo. Thank you all in advance.

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    There was ( I thnik still is ) a COSTCO in Henderson which is sorta on your way. It's right off the 95. Also there was one in Vegas on MLK alongside the 15, that ould be sorta in the downtown end of Vegas. As far as coves go, if you want to drive the house boat for a "trip" look around up pas Temple Bar.

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    There isn't shopping within 25 miles of Echo, so do the costco run first. Some of your best coves out of Echo will be straight out, and n/e to the opposite shore..

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    Las Vegas
    (Distance: 1.2 miles)
    222 S. Martin Luther King Boulevard
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    right on your way to Echo

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    Costco is the way to go, not much in the Echo store or at a reasonable price. If you head from Echo to Temple Bar there is a huge set of san beaches on the right, about 10 min in a boat from Temple Bar. Kids and family loved it there, the best spot we stayed. Great views of some amazing rocks, etc and only 10 min away from ice, beer and whatever else you run out of.

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    If you go straight across and down about 13 miles (toward overton/virgin river), there is a cove called the Glory Hole. I haven't been in years and don't know what it is like with the water as low as it is, but even when I was a kid and before they "drowned" the restaurant at Overton Beach this used to be a good spot. As well, on the other side of the lake is a bitchen beach which should be exposed again. It has been under water for a really long time. Locals call it Anne Margaret cove. There is a huge sandy hill and a sandy point jutting out into the lake. We used to build a slip and slide and pump water to the top of the hill; slide down on rafts. Awesome time.
    Please let us know how it goes.

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    There is a costco in Henderson that is on the way before you cross over Boulder Highway. Go there.

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    Thanks; Sounds like Costco is the place to go. As for coves; seems to be go left out of echo, we'll try it.

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    Quality Time
    go out of ehco and go left there was a bunch of nice beachs up and on the right,water is low
    Good suggestion. Did a trip this past June out of Echo, and we found nice beaches in this area.

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