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Thread: Propane BBQ question

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    My propane BBQ wasnt lighting so figured the tank was low. Took the tank to get filled this morning and it was 1/2 full. Now it lights. Any ideas why it doesnt work when the tank gets a little low.

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    Your guess is as good as mine.

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    Could you have the wrong type of tank? Some tanks are for horizontal use and some are for vertical use............

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    fat rat
    Don't the new tanks have some kinda of safety device that won't let it flow if it detects a leak.

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    I am using the tank that came with the BBQ. Someone mentioned that the regulator might be bad but not sure how to test that.

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    ever think about rejetting it and going with natural gas?

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    Have thought about that but like the portability of it since take to the river sometimes.

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    Tom Brown
    I suggest pouring in 2 gallons of 87 octane (non-lead), wait a few minutes, and then light.

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    I suggest pouring in 2 gallons of 87 octane (non-lead), wait a few minutes, and then light.
    I've heard that 91 octane mixes better with the propane...........

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    Could be that the valve has seized. I had this problem on a tank I had not used in a while (living in the sticks, I fill 3 at a time). I opened the relief screw and had gas, then I used a screwdriver to push on the safety valve were the hose connects. If both of those are unobstructed then I would look at the reg. Hope this helps,

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