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    Does anyone use the GPS devices to map routes or parts of the rivers to ensure you don't hit sandbars or anything? It looked like some of the devices can remember routes, not sure if it is anything that can be used on the river?

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    I have a Garmin GPS175 that will map out your route and allow you to add "man overboard" markers along the way. It's an older GPS but for doing what you are talking about it works GREAT. I have use it on Powell to mark and "remember" shallow spots.

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    I have a Garmin 378. It was a little pricey but it contains marine navigation info on all the inland waterways, including depth contours on alot of the larger lakes. It has dual marine and automobile modes.In auto mode it navigates like any other car GPS, it will talk you to any address you plug into it. Its my second Garmin. I have been using them for years. I mark all my favorite beaches and stuff. I used it on Lake Isabella to mark hazards. I found so many though I have promised myself I won't ever go back.
    Another nice thing about this unit is you can add a satelite antenna and for like 8 bucks a months subscribe to real time weather information, like doppler radar and maps superimposed on the GPS map. It also has an input for a sounder if you want to use it for a fish finder...
    Sandbars, rocks, stumps and other hazards stuff aren't usually included on the preprogrammed data, you will have to input all that stuff yourself.

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    We have a Garmin sounder in our Cheetah, and I'm putting one in the Advantage (newer model, upgraded features, same basic idea). I've had the Havasu maps loaded in the Cheetah most of the time, but loaded Trinity and Mohave as well when we went there. I've got waypoints for the spots I think are important - which means the "channel" between the main lake and the river where it gets real shallow. I put four waypoints in there, and entrance/exit at both ends, and two midpoints to aim for while going that way. Since getting off the navigable channel under certain conditions means at the very least stirring up mud with the prop, I like to take it slow through there and stay in that deeper area (3.5' vice 1.2'). I have considered that if I was up on plane at speed through there I could possibly avoid the bottom by having less draft, but then I remember seeing big boats going fast and "hitting the brakes" when the drive went in the mud :cry: so I didn't take the chance.
    We have a MOB feature, but the same button can be used to create waypoints quickly. If you have the Garmin, just read the manual, near the back, and it'll tell you wnat you need to do. I've been playing with them for years, way back to when there were no civilian versions, and the modern ones are just amazing.
    My new unit, the GPSMap 430s, even has bottom contours and airial views loaded in it from the factory, or so it says. I haven't installed it yet, so don't know how that will work out.

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    boat boy
    I have a garmin 76s map. This device can download up to 32mb of memory. Plus it holds all the main routes and some blvd's. This unit is a hand held and you can program various areas into the machine. Example, I currently have the Eastern Pacific rim from San Francisco to the tip of Baja out a couple of hundred miles. Plus it maps the entire contour of the bottom. That goes for what ever you load into it.
    If your using it on the road, it will tell you the nearest city, up coming exits, restraunts, gas stations, rest areas. These features are already programed into the gps. One of the best spots to check them out is West Marine or Boaters World.

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