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Thread: Palm Treo

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    Who uses one?
    What do you think about it?
    Who is your cell provider?
    Thanks fo da help!!!!!!!!

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    Ive been through them all. what are you going to be using it for? I started with a blackberry, went to a treo 600, then to a 650, then to a 700. now Im using a Pocket PC.
    Service is Verizon.

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    I have a Treo 700W for a little over a year. Verizon is the carrier. It is a love hate relationship. Does everything I want, sometimes. The biggest drawback is Activesync (Windows POS for syncing) and when it is in extended area. My fried has the Treo 650 and has basically the same problem in extended areas. Real slow and eats the battery life.
    Even with that, I still rather have it then any other. Pretty much if you want/need a full function PDA and phone together. If not, you may want to reconsider.

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    The biggest reason I'm looking at one is for email and web access on the go.

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    I had the Blackberry then went to the treo 700 (Windows PC)and then back to the blackberry. The blackberry just seems to be a little more reliable then the windows software...

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    wow i did not know that a PALMTREE could do such things

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    Old school Ultra
    I had 7 Treo WX's, in 6 months.... Verizon moved me into a Blackberry 8703e... Love it!!

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    Dan Lorenze
    I've been using Treos for a few years and I've been pretty them, I currently have the 700p from Sprint. Sprint has treated me very well. I'm really into texting so I really like the keyboards on the Treos (typing on it in this thread). If the Iphone would get a better keyboard and be available from Sprint I would get one for sure..

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    I have 2 treo 650s sitting in my drawer. Im VERY hard on my phones, 4500 minutes a month, 1500+ text messages, and about 200 emails a day.and other than my blackberry for email, the pocket PC was the best. I littearally burnt up about 8 treos under warranty before I went to the pocket pc.

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    Have Sprint, have had the 650, 700P and now 755P. No complaints, gets my Emails, scheduler, phone, and limited web browsing. Plus Google maps now. Only suggestion is buy the rubberized cover to protect it.

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