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Thread: 77 sanger runner bottom......

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    My buddy bought a 77 sanger runner bottom friday night and it is a hand full! We have always been jet guys but tried a v drive earlier this season and have been hooked even sence. Anyone know much about this hull, good or bad? pro's and con's? we are just use it at the lake/river and race our buddies.
    It has a 468 BBC with a tunnelram and a pair of 660's, .630 lift hydraulic cam, roller rockers, etc.... whirl away, the headers were jet hot coated, It spins 7200 wide open. The boat is in great shape and he said it was bought froma guy on this site 4 years ago and It ran 10.9 at ming at 95, anyone remember the boat?
    Anyway just wanted to say hi and I will be around.

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    Church Mouse
    good lookin boat boogyman, I use to have those kind of volocity stacks on my 71 hondo,see ya

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    That boat used to belong to a guy here in Visalia
    ca. I will try to reach him monday.

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    That would be awsome!!! I heard it used to be a blown alcohol set up as well, would be sweet to see some pic's if it was!

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    Someone was telling us today that these boats are very unsafe and throw people out all the time...?? He said if you race them they will hurt I think he is just a retard but wanted some more input/

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    My Dad used to have a Sanger runner like that, he loved the way it handled. I think that the guy might be talking about going faster then what that hull could handle, they have a small runner and I've been told it can't handle much more than 110? I'm not an expert, just what a few have been told.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    Sanger made alot of different hulls. So first you must be way more specific on which one that is. Is it a 19' Family Ski runner, a Drag Runner or a 18' 3" Circle Runner ? Each hull is quite Different in its owen way. I used to have a 19' Family Ski Flat with a flat deck. 109mph with the Rodeck BBC, wild ride ! From what I hear the 19' Sanger Family Ski with the slight V and the turned down chine are good for mid 90s'.

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    Here is another pic of it. That boat was for Sale here in 2005.
    I had no problems with my Sanger runner bottom when I had it. I was just a bit over 100 mph boat but and it took a nice set after a little courtesy hop out of the hole.

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    i just seen that Same Boat on Ebay this last week and was wondering what happen if the guy ended the auction early or what .. that Looks identical to the one i just went to AZ and picked up .. same color and markings everything .. and like Squirting thunder said they made a few different hulls .. the drag runner is Wider in the rear then the Circle runner they both are 18'3 but the drag runner is a 5/8th runner and the circle i have is a 3/8th runner and the bottom has a Slight v about mid way forward ... my buddy has the Drag Runner which is also a Super Light hull i think 330 lbs or 380 i forget now but first measure from front to back if its 18'3 measure the rear of the boat where the Plates mount to the bottom of the boat the Drag runner is about 2 inchs wider on the water surface ... if its 18'3 i can measure mine again and that should tell you which it is . mine is also a 77 sanger so we can narrow it down for you .. nice looking boat btw .. can i ask what he paid for it? just wanna get an idea what they are selling for .. mine is a Basket case tho Very Solid hull and hardware just motor was dissasembled and figure ill restore it before putting my Motor in it and selling my Aqua-Craft i have now .. and as far as being thrown from them my buddy who is a very good driver and has Many years racing experience mentioned there is always a Chance of being thrown from the boat and said a Kill switch is a Must if your plannin on going fast so if you do get thrown it will atleast shut off and not keep going till something stops it .. good luck with the Boat im looking forward to the Day i get mine together but i have to admit i like the way my 69 Aqua-Craft rides and runs .. 470 bbc with 660's tunnel ram and 13to1 comp 7.22 lift solid roller cam ..with the 660's tho its like hitting a Brick wall around 6800 rpm in my boat .. good carbs but not for a Built motor .. anyway pm me some measurements and i can tell you which hull it is ..

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    Hey everyone, I also just got my boat together, a '84 Sanger Bubble deck runner, I beleive it is a 5/8" runner and I think it measured about 18'6" that would more than likely make it a family ski runner right? I know on the v drive mid plate it has stamped CIR RUNNER. Anyways just got it running 632 horse bbc and I have never ridden in a Vdrive before but it seems to handle pretty good to me, certainly has enough power! I imagine as is typical just from watching drag races it is pretty calm all the way up to speed but at WOT it really seems to hop around and prop walk which honestly scares me a little!

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