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Thread: Breakfast run to Topock

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    Had a beautiful morning drive to Topock for breakfast. Went up with Doug and Richelle and the water / weather was perfect.
    I thought I would share these pics of Dougs & Richelle's Toon as we were traveling.
    I was really impressed how his V-6 ran good with our V-8.

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    hey, did doug give you my camera to take pics of him?

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    hey, did doug give you my camera to take pics of him?
    You never got that from him? I remeber him trying to give it to you once in the channel.... I should have had him use it to get some pics of us....

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    its been hard to catch up to him... lol

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    hey bigdoug...
    how bout lunch next week... i will give you a call

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    Thanks Lorne, it was cool cruising up for breakfast this morning !!
    This little v-8....oops i mean v-6 can cruise with the big dogs as you were always in my wake.............
    Cameron, call us and we'll do lunch or bbq at the house and swim too, clothing is optional for Jamie of course :jawdrop: to ya latter !!

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