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Thread: Well we almost made it....another reported death in Havasu

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    Just got a report from LE of a drowning in Havasu near Windsor Beach. More info when available.
    We are now on track for one of the worst river season on record. Time for a change.

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    Been a bad year thats for sure. Sad to be reading these reports on a weekly basis.

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    we were...
    off to such a good year too, until...

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    Just got a report from LE of a drowning in Havasu near Windsor Beach. More info when available.
    We are now on track for one of the worst river season on record. Time for a change.
    better keep those blades warm... labor day is not gonna be better... peeps just dont seem to be gettin it!

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    Just thinning out the heard, if it keeps going like this one day the lake will be all yours.

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    Very Sad to hear...
    But I have to say there seems to be a lot more idiots out on the water this year than previous.

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    We took our boat out of the water around that time and it was pretty quiet around Windsor. Sad!

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    Man drowns after jumping off dock
    Sunday, August 26, 2007 10:42 PM MST
    Staff reports
    HAVASU LANDING — Lake Havasu has taken another life.
    An adult man drowned just after noon Sunday after he reportedly jumped off the courtesy docks on the Chemehuevi Tribal Reservation.
    Sunday’s drowning was the third on Lake Havasu and the fifth on the Colorado River so far this year.
    Jodi Miller, spokesperson the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office, said the man was standing on the dock, talking to others on a boat when the boat started to drift away from the dock.
    “Witnesses said he was talking to people on the other boat and holding the boat. He pushed out and then he was trying to pull it back, then he jumped in the water,” Miller said.
    Witnesses reported seeing the man take one deep breath then go underneath the dock. When he didn’t resurface they called for emergency assistance.
    “He was found at 1525 (3:25 p.m.) by two members of the SBCSO Marine Enforcement Unit. The area where the body was recovered was very, very grassy,” Miller said.
    The victim’s name is being withheld pending notification of next-of-kin. Investigation to determine if alcohol was a factor in the incident is ongoing.

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    Maybe he got a cramp.. thats happened to me a few times and scared to shiit outta me. Curiosity has me to think...why did nobody jump in to help him asap? The bottom can be really mushy around docks too..In topac I was knee deep in that crap with my head barely above water.

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    Does anyone know what the memorial is for under the Condo's next to the Agave ? A few flowers, some smokes, a ball, a frisbee ? Some candles ? Odd location but someone must have died there or a dog maybe ? Couldn't figure it out.

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