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Thread: will a 35 hp powerhead fit on a 48hp mid? OMC

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    I have a 81 35 hp PH and a 8748 hp complete motor with low compression.
    # 1 Will the powerheads interchange?
    # 2 Are the bore sizes the same?
    # 3 Will the 48 hp front half fit the 35 hp block?
    if not what OMC 2 cyl powerheads fit what and interchange with what
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    Forkin' Crazy
    No it won't fit. Some 40s will. 50, 55, and 60's will. If you get too far apart inyears, the electronics are different.

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    when you say 50 55 and 60's will fit are we still refering to 2 cyl motors? i thought all 55 and 60 hp were 3 cyl

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    Forkin' Crazy
    when you say 50 55 and 60's will fit are we still refering to 2 cyl motors? i thought all 55 and 60 hp were 3 cyl
    The old, old, like early 70's were three cylinders.

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    so 80 to 88 40 48 50 55 60 will fit?
    whats the cubic inch of the powerhead?

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    I picked up a 71 50 hp electric will the powerhead bolt up if i use the 87 48 front half?

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    here is a pic of the older motor i have the tuner from the old motor aswell

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    ok they look the same so here is my plan.
    The electric PH is off here is a pic of the base w/o the exhaust tuner installed...
    heres my plan
    I'll be using the 48 front half on the (e) 50hp block use the 48hp crank rods and pistons. Cut the piston even with the exhaust ports, but only after the ports have been squared and opended up slightly. I'll also port the intake and clean up the casting flash.
    Next will be to go 4 sizes larger on the high speed jets for break in. I'll use all the 48hp electronics, charging system and flywheel.
    i hope the 50 block doesn't need a bore

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    anyone have a 45 ci powerhead for sale?

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    Put in a search for SST45. This is a tunnel boat class that utilizes the 45.

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