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Thread: Launch ramp etiquette, how close is too close?

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    Went to Windsor tonight about 6ish and pulled between 2 boats. 3 feet from one boat and 2 feet from another. Both boats were on their trailers, the one that I was 2 feet from was getting ready to pull out. Anyway, I got the boat down and jumped in, my wife got in the driver's seat of the truck. The boat that I was 2 feet from pulled out as we finished putting in. I guess I was too close to the fellow pulling out for his comfort. He followed my wife to her parking spot and banged on the window of the truck. He expressed his feelings to her and she apologized. He then asked if that was it, was that all she was gonna do. They spoke a bit and he told her that he would have talked to me but he didn't want a confrontation (guess he was more comfortable confronting my 100 pound wife). Anyway, if this was anyone here, I am sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I felt it there was plenty of room. What do you guys think? I've seen big weekends where guys get within inches, now that's close.
    Not a call out thread, I am genuinely sorry for making you nervous.

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    Calling mr. pussy... lol what a joke. A. 2 feet is plenty of room. B. He did want a confrontation because he followed your wife, he just didn't want to speak to a big boy. LOL

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    doesn't sound like a problem... no one hurt and no damage to boats/trailers... you guys for some reason just made him nervous, I dunno :idea:
    he better get used to it...

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    he just didn't want to speak to a big boy. LOL
    Big boy, that's funny. I'm just a fat boy and completely harmless to boot!

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    as long as the person knows what they are doing and they don't hit my boat or trailer, i could care less how close they get. i've threaded the needle at the launch ramp quite a few times and get dirty looks from people.

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    Squirtin Thunder
    Damn I hate it when we are at the races and we are stacked 5 trailers wide 2 - 3 inches apart.:idea: But 2 & 3 Feet give me a break, we could have a party ! I just think he was a chicken.......... As long as he grows a pair before the next time he goes to a public ramp.:sqeyes: But I have been to some that the folks take up 3 spots when there are only 2. And I just stay out of the way till they are gone.:jawdrop:

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    Following my wife and Banging on the window of my truck, just might get you what you least expect,:hammer2: Glad it wasnt me.
    2 feet is no closer than 2 trailers passing on the bridge.
    happy to hear there was a peaceful ending.

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    I have seen you drive....
    I will be holding spin class all week, sign up and learn

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    What up Tim.

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