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Thread: Cavitation override question

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    ok heres the deal i have a 69 Aqua-Craft v-drive with both up and down pedal set up in it .. the rod from the lock out handle going back is 7/16th size rod .. 1/2 way back there is a coupler where it Changes to 3/8th rod to the rear of the boat ... This boat does Not have a Spring kit installed and at upper speeds the plate has no spring tentions and wants to lift the Bow so you have to ride the pedal the whole time .. i checked a few kits but they are all for 7/16 or larger rods .. does anyone make one for a 3/8th rod or am i gonna have to replace the 3/8th rod and make it 7/16th then add a spring kit to it??? im on a budget due to torn rotator in shoulder and not working now and would like to make it work with the 3/8th rod but i cant find a kit that works with 3/8th tho .. any help would be Awesome cause i wanna get this to ride right and i cant with out a Spring kit installed.
    thanks , Bill

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    Call MLJ Marine Mike can take care of you.

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    Call MLJ Marine Mike can take care of you. Would help if I gave you his phone # 951-300-7791

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    Try placing a coupler on your rod w/ an eyehook then install a garage door spring. Hook the other end to a eyehook attached to the stringer. That the we did it for years.

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    hey thanks for the Lead ill give him a Call otherwise im gonna have to make something work its not easy to drive with the plate the way it is . i really Appreciate it ..

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