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Thread: TX 19 Gullwing 4 Sale

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    1979 Youngblood TX 19 gullwing with berk pump droop,ride plate with b impellar. power by 482 13/1 roller bbc w tr and twin 1050's. msd ignition.
    sits on tandeum axle trailer. boat is in good shape for its age.
    $8500 "firm"
    409 745 9333/ 409 6704188
    boat is in orange Texas.

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    plus i'll let the remaining fuel go with the boat!!!

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    I saw this boat run recently, it ain't no slouch. Somebody will end up with a nice boat, that runs really well to boot...
    Good luck on the sale!

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    Back to page one..... for a little while anyway.

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    How does it run? Top speed? Any mechanical, hull , interior issues needing attention? Anyone in your area heading west ( Az.) in the near future?

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    surely after labor day at broken bow someone wants a tx19 gullwing!!

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    Airin' it Out
    Would you consider selling less engine? Let me know. Thanks.

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    thanks for the offer,but i'd rather not.
    if the boat doesn't sell here in the next two weeks i will take it off the market
    and consider keeping it.

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