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Thread: What kind of rocker arms to use!

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    I am going to buy my rocker arms this week and I need to know what type of rocker arms to get. What are the pros and cons on certain rockers. I have a bbc 454 @ .30 over with 9 to 1 comp in my jetboat. Everyone keeps telling me to buy stainless from comp. Is it worth the $258.00 bones. I want something very reliable and good without spending over $300.00. Any info would be greately appreciated.

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    I've got the crane they work well for me. They help alot with the oil temp, If I had to get new ones I'd use the comp cams rockers.

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    I don't know if you need the s.s. ones but what I would look for is a large trunion/bearing area. That is where the cheepo Harlin Sharp and the like seem to break. I got mine from Clay Smith and they have freaking HUGE trunions and can be completely rebuilt. Comp makes some nice ones too. Don't skimp because if they do break it will drop the lil needles bearings in your engine and they'll go straight to your oil pump.

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    spectras only
    I use speedpro, never had a problem.

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    spend the money and run the crane gold 1.7 ratio won't be sorry you spent the the fram saying"you can pay me now!,or pay me later"!!

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    if you are on the rocker thing anyway, the comp stainles are the ticket,, look at the 1.8 to one ratio, on most smaller cams they can be worth 10 -- 15 hp over the 1.7, if you can stand the valve to piston clearance.
    we have done this test a halve dozen times with same results..
    steve brule

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    I have about a hundred hours on a set of Crane gold rockers.No problems.

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    The Comp Stainless are worth the money !!!

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    Crower Stainless is what I run in my truck and I rev the dog piss out of it. 460 with NOTHING stock though. Expensive but worth it IMHO.
    The Almighty Omnipotent One,
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    Jesel Shaft rockers...Very Expensive, but worth it. I had 3 lifters go south Beat the snot out of the cam the lifter bore but the rocker still looked new.

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