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    Just got back from Minnesota and visted a historic fur trading post. I learned some interesting facts:
    The cost of all stuff was set at a number of beavers. A pot cost three beavers, but a pipe only 1/5 of a beaver. You couldn't live or trade without a least one beaver.
    You have to shave off the course outer guard hairs of the beaver to get to the soft plush part and there were guys who had the job to shave off those hairs.
    Guys would go hundreds of miles and risk their lives in search of beavers.
    Apart from that MN is a pretty amazing place. Tons of lakes. Superior is like the Ocean. Everything was green. Tons of lakeside "cabins" on the water with their own docks and boat lifts. Everyone owns a pontoon boat. I saw one fountain in the week that I was there and no small jets or v drives. Saw only a few wakeboard boats and even fewer PWC. Lots of fish; but only one beaver (and that was back at the hotel).

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    Funny, I found one beaver but it was at the bar. We have been married almost 2 yrs now.
    My parents own some property up in Pioche Nv. There is the road we take sometimes by a creek and it is amazing the damage beavers do to the trees. The way they chew through the wood looks fake, like in a cartoon.

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