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Thread: Something Happened Near a Race Site!

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    :jawdrop: Girl Rescued from Pend Oreille River by race driverThe REAL story from our Columbia Boat Racing Club Ione event was not who won the three flat classes , or who was the fastest, or how many boats graced the super City Park (more than any 2007 event), or the cleanest boat, or who had new APBA inspired uniforms, or who allmost crashed, or who got the tipsyest or anything as trivial as that but the human interest story
    The 'Sweet Caroline' once again stole the show but without a boat(distributor gear broke)! Mark T. and Robbie were giving rides to everyone (with parental consent) after Sat racing. Over the exhaust of Mullet Jeff's Stevens small block, a cry for help was heard and a small girl was spotted swimming, or trying to swim to shore from her Fathers boat. To the best of my knowledge her Dad had consumed one too many 'party pops' and had scared her so bad, she jumped overboard! Mark rescued her and took her back to the Park and our great family of racers called home to the relief of her family. It seems she and her sister were 8 hours or more overdue from their boating trip!
    Dont get the impression this drunken irresponsible boater was a flat bottom owner, he only wished he was. He did steal a cooler belonging to our rescue boat owner with $70 worth of smoked fish and was seen boating all night and into the early morning hours of Sunday! Lucky for us he did not return when racing resumed. Thank God no one was injured that I know of.
    11 racers filled three classes, 2 flats were there to cruise and 2 had broken stuff and came as campers and in this case heros! Our largest turnout in two years of silly cubic inch classes. I hear the Pateros race was also scheduled for the same weekend with the Seattle flats so their boat count had to be miserable. Some things never change.......
    Robbie burned up lots of 110 with professional excursion rides to the dam and back with classy runner bottom speed to anyone willing. Most of us would have joined him but if you race, you must trailer it when the course is closed. It's simply the rules and most of us were beat up from bouncing in the BACK! I dont mind a bit, Larry!

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    OK give me credit for trying to post pictures:
    That's Robbie in the wheelie #SK27 Sanger runner 'Quick and Dirty' and Mark in the #50 the repainted former #PC871 'Sweet Caroline'

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    Mr Dave, E-boat driver as he labels himself, was a popular topic of conversation among his competitors. Running in SK or under 402 cubic inch class, he finished well with this Marlin 16 footer. Perhaps scaring others with his admittedly wild "E-boater 3feet above the rest" driving style, he chined-splashed NO higher than most of us running in chop all Saturday and some of Sunday. This is the man I have talked about who found his former lovable little 'E-Motion' rusting away in Port Angeles Wa. It ran away from me and hid behind its rooster but had problems with the yellow 535 Hondo 396 that GPSed at 85mph and 7400rpm! The rest of us ran ? at 5500! I think it's a matter of time before 535 wounds itself and the owner driver retires from competition, in the mean time Jeff repeats his Championship form from 2006 and seems unbeatable.
    Thanks Dave, Levi, Justin and Jimmie, for keeping me enthused with the state of Nostalgia. Dave your grin could only be described as 'Armpit to Armpit'! And of course, it helps when your rookie son beats the fastest circle boats in Washington in only his second race! Congratulations Levi!

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    The incredible Lavey Team did not dissapoint, merely underestimated the competition. SS701 and SS76 may have not been fighting each other but it sure seemed that way in a couple heats. I think they managed a 2nd and third overall even though their starts werent perfect all weekend. George was happy to get a game of GOLF in anyway, AND they had a trouble free weekend without roller bearings unaccounted for!

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    Yes, this is our missing 'rat'. He sent his 'Hit Man', Steve to bring home the spoils of Ione back to Eureka Montana, BAAAAA, BUT, that incredible Hallet 396 BBC had a tid bit of valve trouble. It aint the same Timmie and Johnie....How did you get so popular so fast?? Everyone asked about you!
    You can usually find him reclining on SOMETHING or instigating some practical joke on someone! Mustard all around.

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    The formitable PS34 of Team Davis strutting its new power plant, lost power often on the Ione river water. Fuel supply is suspect. Justin just doesnt have much luck here in the past. (one flip, one blown mill) Team mate Levi driving Jimmies spare ski deck b-boat #SS514 improved each heat and won with a 1/2 straightaway lead finish over the SS76 'Orange Crush' Lavey. Hey Levi, you need to sign up and introduce yourself, you did your units # proud!

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    Thanks for the race report Boyd... They are always enjoyed down here in the heat...

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    Yup, thanks to Mr. Hoover, & Mr Williams for these and other shots of prior events featuring the boats mentioned above. How about this one of Justin, Levi and his Dad in 'Hot Pursuit' of another straight away WOT!

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    sanger ss396
    what about the ss396 on the saturday race. need u to fill that in. hehehehehe

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