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Thread: PROPS to DILLIGAFF for helping out

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    Tom, Just wanted to Thank-You in front of the Fine Boating Community We Have Here Folks Tom tried From last Tuesday thru Thursday to get two End Slips for me at F-Mohave. Each day Going down to the Docks for the
    F--ed Up Lottery That You Have To Attend if your on the Waiting List...Dumbest thing in the World but they have been doing it that way for the last 8 years Ive been going there. Anyway Record Hot Temps You have to Stand Outside..Its A bitch
    This Man did this Wed and Thursday for me. He knew we would be there for Fridays Lottery Which we were Not. Did a Hoover Dam Run came back in late afternoon and checked in at the Marina...They ended up having the Slips But Gave them to the Next in line because we were not there I felt then and still do like an Ass, but when we checked the night before they told us it was Very Unlikely we would get a slip at all....
    Anyway I wanted to let Everyone Know that Toms a 1st Class Fellow Boater
    Thanks Again

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    For all of the BS which happends here, this site is loaded with good people. Me excluded.

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    Yeah, I have heard he is a good guy, but I am yet to see it.

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    thanks dilligaf from the rest of the crew f lake mohave

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    Sin Cal
    My wife and I have known Tom for more then 20 years. I'm not saying this because he is my friend. Tom is really a good person and good people do things for others because it makes them feel good also. Just a little something you may not have known about Tom or as some call DILLIGAF:jawdrop:

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    a good guy? i guess for a guy that rides a purple bike....

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    My Man's Sportin' Wood
    a good guy? i guess for a guy that rides a purple bike....
    I'm not surprised he did that AJ. He's got nothing better to do until tomorrow.

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    Good man. Gets confused about basketball, but still, seems to be ok overall.

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    So, I take it that "D" returns on Tuesday! That is to say that Tom will be AWOL for couple of days!

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    No problem and your welcome AJ. I would like to think that others woud help out if available also.
    For everybody else thanks for the kind words........

    By the way has been since 1978 which is 29 years :jawdrop:
    Yes! I do pick up my sweetheart from the airport tomorrow and will be busy for a few days...or MORE! lol.

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