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Thread: I need a Rhino and Ranger for trade show

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    Shocka Racing
    We are looking for 1 Rhino and 1 Ranger to use in our display booth at the up comming sand and off road shows.
    We will trick out your vehicle, FREE labor and all parts @ manufactures cost. We just need it for display at two shows and for some print ads, magazines etc.
    You supply the Rhino or Ranger pay an estimated $4 to $5K and we will have a custom paint job done, seats, roll bars, belts, lights, bumpers, Tires and wheels and more. A $12,000 value.
    This is a good deal for someone wanting a magazine peice for cheap!
    We need these RIGHT NOW!
    We Will pick up and deliver back in Southern CA.
    Call or email me ASAP Don Clark (209) 602-9007 or

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    My Rhino is 3 weeks old and stock as can be...

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    Shocka Racing
    Perfect! Call me if you want details and to set it up, can you part with it until the 17th? -Don
    (209) 602-9007

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    I have distant cousins that live in Ripon. Ever heard of the Hoffs or Snodgrass families. They were into almonds last I heard.

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    Shocka Racing
    Sorry no, and everyones into Almonds in Ripon...LOL

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    I am thinking of buying a Ranger Crew Cab. Would that help?

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    Shocka Racing
    We need a basic new Polaris Ranger UTV. Thanks

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    Shocka Racing
    We have all the rigs we need. THANKS HOT BOAT!!

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