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Thread: Owen Wilson Tries to commit suicide???

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    Just heard on Go Country, more news to come!!!

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    There was talk of it on here earlier today, in that thread about motorboatin'. Haven't heard any updates though.

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    He is probably still upset at the letter ( Don Fagen and Walt Becker (Steely Dan) wrote to Luke about him.

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    Wow... I was just watching "Behind Enemy Lines" too...:jawdrop:
    I always figured if you really wanted to commit suicide, a good tall building or a 44 should do the trick...
    Just last week a chick I've known for about 30 years tried to off herself... She has a couple of teens and her dad has been in failing health for a few years now... all she has ever done is cause that family grief... what a selfish fukkin' bitch.

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    They saying he might have tried it since he recently broke-up with Kate Hudson.

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    They saying he might have tried it since he recently broke-up with Kate Hudson.
    I've seen more than my fair share of that... Had a couple of friends kill theirselves over women...

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    How do you "try" to commit suicide?? I mean if you can't even do your self are pitiful!
    Lets see how difficult this can be..
    Jump off bulding - well a reatining wall is not likely going to "git er dun" just give you a nice cast for everyone to write how idiotic you are on it--hike up a nice 30 story swan dive and instant lasagna!
    Slash wrists- waving a butter knife over your wrists is not going to accomplish much ..once they wipe the butter off you and consider your brain as toast you'll get a nice tight jacket - but a good deep laceration lengthways down across the veins would!
    Over dose- 6 vitaman c's .hmmmmm.. probably not, you may be a lil healthier lunatic..but a fist full of morphine or a big ol spike of heroin would put ya out!
    Bullet- shooting off the earlobe would likely hurt your hearing and make it near impossible hearing people call you an idiot.but a nice ol 12G to the brain would splatter the lack of brains in your head in a nice mosaic pattern
    Why waste others time with the BS?? If ya have problems - get help- talk about them and try to get some resolve..but for christ sakes, if your going to do yourself least get that simple step right

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    River Runin
    Shoulda went with the grain!--instead of across it!
    Stupid is as stupid Duoes!

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