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Thread: Who is going to Lake Mead for Labor Day?

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    Looks like we might have some hot weather for the weekend.

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    we'll be there......
    I'll be in the captain on our friends 42 searay . Plus, my bro will be there with his newly powered 270 closed bow Hallett with BLUE BIMINI. should be fun. Hope his 502 rebuild puts up some good numbers..
    Stayn in the lower basin I think. OR, maybe thru the narrows and beach on the left before the turn to the left to head up the overton arm. also be hangn out on Hallett beach. Thats towards the Begining of overton arn on the left about a few miles. should be some big HP on teh beach..
    Stop by and have a cols one. Searay is all white with a tan sun pad on the bow. THE Hallet will be tied along side or next to it.
    I know GT marine, Gary will be there with his DONZI 38' er or something big.
    I'll be on the 42 friday night getn it ready. Its slipped in lake mead marina.

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