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Thread: I love to mess with you guys!

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    Your messing with my head man........................

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    1812 CC engine, inline 4 cylinder
    New 2008 Yamaha motor
    Supercharged and intercooled.

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    Yup.... still considered gay

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    Yup.... still considered gay
    I knew you would follow me in here!
    Regardless if you like them or not you have to admit that the technology in these little packages are pretty cool. I liken it to the evolution of the 4 stroke in the moto-x'ers and the super bitchen motors in the F1 cars.
    I just like motors, not matter what they are. Cause peddling and rowing sucks.

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    Phat Matt
    Is that going in a watercraft or a boat?
    Lake lice
    The FX SHO is powered by an all new 1.8 liter, supercharged, super high output Yamaha Marine Engine. This 1812cc engine, which is purpose built for the marine environment, is the largest displacement engine ever installed in a personal watercraft. It is also the only engine in the high-performance, four-stroke category optimized to run on the least expensive Regular Unleaded fuel.

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    Honda announces their new lineup after Labor Day. All new hull and motor for Honda in '08.

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    Can't wait till Sept 5th, yehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Chris, you will have to come to Disney Land... LOL

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    Way cool, but PWCs are way to heavy now.

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