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Thread: Another boater needs help

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    One of our own needs help.
    Just surfing around I found this thread.
    I am going to talk to Coleman II about attending this deal.
    Who else is in??

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    Morg, thanks for posting the thread link up here. Ric Roche is my cousin and is the one responsible for my hot boat sickness. He's been a boater all his life and raced in UGH and BGH back in the 70's and 80's. I always wanted to grow up just like him! He bought his last hydro about 5 years ago for lake use(and to cling to his misspent youth, I always teased!).
    I'd like to a bunch of you Hot Boat V-Drive guys at the tournament! It would certainly be much appreciated by the family!

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    Morg I am going to talk to my brother depending on the date they pick we might go as well.

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    I can't believe there aren't more golfers here willing to play a nice course with a good meal afterwards for a good cause. I even hear there's going to be carts all along the course with a bunch of hotties dispensing cold beers.
    C'mon fellas, sign up and come out for the day!

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