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Thread: 1979 19' Howard Bubbledeck?

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    Looking for some insight on this boat for a friend of my Son's. It is a 1979 19' bubbledeck jet. Berkeley w/ 2 wedges, Hyd. Place Diverter, fairly stock 454. I know Howard makes very good boats and still does. He is wondering about the Hull Characteristics: are these heavy boats? Slow speed Hull? Not looking for 100mph racer just 70-80mph lake/river toy in the future with some upgrades of course. Is this boat capable of the 70-80 mph range. Any insight positive or negative would be greatly appreciated.

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    '75 Miller
    While I'm no expert, I have heard that the Howards are among the heavier 19' boats. My buddy has a Howard 19' semi-vee vdrive (beautiful boat) and he's heard the same...extremely well made, solid, but somewhat heavy.

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    Thanks for the help '75 MIller, really appreciate it.
    Can anybody else have anything good or bad to say about these boats.

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    '75 Miller
    Anytime. I'm surprised none of the more knowledgable members have chimed in yet. Perhaps this BUMP will help!

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    Sometimes a picture stirs up some responses......especially of the transom so people can get a good idea of the bottom of the boat and visualize it or mentally compare it to another splash or similar boat

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    Thanks I will see what I can do.

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    I have one, not sure if its bubbledeck. It is a heavier boat for sures. Mine has a 12JE so there is a little more interior room than most boats. Its seats 4-6 comfortably and up to 8 if they're hot chicks. It has a fairly stock 454. Don't know any exact specs but mild cam, MSD distributor, log exhaust, and 990 heads. It shows 55 MPH on the speedo with 6 people or with 1 person. I think the speedo is off a little. I haven't GPS'd it yet but I would guess in maybe high 50s to low 60s because it is a little slower than my buddy's Challenger that runs mid to high 60s. It has a deeper cut V hull than most jets I've seen and sits kinda high in the water, but it takes the chop pretty well too. The guy I bought it off used it strictly at Havasu.

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    another picturehttp://www.***

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